The answer

The stare
like an echo of a pungent smell
can be frightening,
the eyes sharp like swords.
One can bleed badly
soaking the garden,
Will flowers grow afterwards?
A basket of untranslated observations
can be burden if not understood.
Don’t let the stare an impediment,
The answer is not to vanish.
The answer is simplicity of a smile
clear as crystal on a happy face.

A Sunday walk

Walking today, one Sunday morning
in the sacredness of ordinary things
the sky like cinnamon rolls, a divine touch
on the street, a flower decorated car,
a steel bent to shape like infinity scarf
an art of human creation.




note: Art Walk in downtown Napa, Napa Valley, CA
Books I’m reading:
Still Writing by Dani Shapiro
The Burning Girl by Claire Messud
The Brothers K by David James Duncan

The Epiphany

The seventh day of the year
one butterfly and seven flowers
The Feast of Epiphany is celebrated today,
when the three wise men followed a bright star and travelled
to visit and pay homage to the divine child, Jesus.
It was written:”they knelt and worshiped him.
“They took out their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh
and gave them to him.”
He lives near the manger but didn’t come to visit
his mind was too far away
like a student busy doing the shoulds and the should nots
with no time left for studies.

He begs forgiveness.


note: In Catholic Christian churches the Feast of Epiphany was yesterday but celebrated today.