Mrs. Abstract and I just returned home for a 3-day restful sojourn in the north of us. We stayed at the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California. Mrs. Abstract was in the ER Monday night. It turned out to be only a mild health problem.

We left in the rain and returned home in the rain. The drive was along the coast and beautiful. The ocean was not covered by clouds and the rain was intermittent.

We didn’t go anyplace else.Just the 2 of us.It rained and hailed while we were up there.

Mrs. Abstract is a mermaid. She swam in the sea water pool.We read, ate, and rest. Just the two of us.

The Inn offers massage, meditation seminars, cooking and art classes.

The restaurant, Ravens, in the Inn is a plant-based restaurant. Every day we ate vegetarian food with no dairy, eggs or seafoods and of course no meat.

We did wine tasting in one winery on the way up. We passed by 3 wineries for wine tasting on the way back.

The short trip was to celebrate my birthday.






2 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. Happy Birthday!! I’m so glad your mermaid was not terribly indisposed, and that you were able to continue your vacation, which sounds so lovely. Water, good food, rest. 🙂

    I am very interested in your outing because this is the month of my birthday also, and my wedding anniversary, and because of the latter my husband and I used to take brief holidays in March every few years, several times to Mendocino County. I love it so…

    Thank you for the pictures!


    1. Stanford Inn by the Sea is a relaxing place. Everything we need are there. It also has outdoor activities in the river like kayaking. Nearby place to hike with the public park nearby.

      Happy Wedding Anniversary.

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