My Monday walk to fitness

For the last 2 weeks I started to walk everyday with two days off a week. Today is hot with a mild cool breeze. What did I see today?

From top of Maxwell Bridge in Imola Avenue looking down Napa River are kayakers.


I climbed the bridge and down to Kennedy Park where the trail joins the Napa River Trail and I met a gentleman pushing a stroller where his big dog is riding. Sometimes the dog rides a surfboard, sometime the dog walks and other times rides the stroller he said.That’s the bridge I climbed and down.


Napa Downtown’s renovation includes a new hotel, Archer Hotel and new stores and wine tasting venues. The hotel has a simple modern architecture. Very pleasing to the eye.


On the way back I passed by a samll garden with pink trumpets.


I made my 10, 000 steps for the day.

4 thoughts on “My Monday walk to fitness

  1. Well done Edgar! We are walking the same path with fitness. I did not make 10,000 steps today but I hit 15,000 yesterday. Trade off! 😉 The problem with blogging….computers!


    1. We are in synch Jeanne. Where do you your walks?

      While Mrs. Abstract has the car I walk from our condo to the downtown or the library. I walk to the Napa River Trail which is along the Napa River and connected also to a big public park. I seldom go to the Wellness Center where Mrs. Abstract goes for her aquatic exercises.

      I try to do 10, 000 steps a day.

      Have a wonderful week.


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