Connecting Circles

You will hear voices singing
You will hear music from a violin
You will read noble praises,
Harsh words and lines of elegance
Fullness will swell in your heart
You will be filled with rich moments
Poverty will be swept away
You will put your hands together
Accept your state with gratitude.

To have a big circle
One starts with a small one
Then one more then another
You will meet different people
In each different circle
They will not know each other
And they will be your friends
All of them will know you
And you will know them.

They will share your joy
Offer gratitude to the Lord
All these you already know
You shall not be alone
The circles will embrace you
Music will linger in your mind
Like light entering your window
Suffusing your room with clarity
A world with many connecting circles.

Note: Julia Fischer is one of my favorite artists. She is one of the great violinists in the world. She is also a piano virtouso. I like her attitude to life and her insights in music and art. Here is a link to her music and interview:Music


Hidden things

Slippage, sleep page, lines dangling
Fumbled utterance after waking

When one or two heartbeats are misplaced
Though not missing, we feel fear

Failing once we will fail again
When far away from the divine

How can we return to life
Our mind filled with emptiness and fear
Going through raiding guns and raging
Fire, names unaccounted for and missing?

In the brightness of a full daylight
We have to look for what is hidden
To make our life whole again.

A storyteller

“A man can stand anything, except
a succession of ordinary days,” says Goethe
You altered the way I see
and even the way I feel
You ride the arrow
Of time and nudge your neighbor
To follow a voice you are following
Not the herd
But a voice from another mountain
A struggle to climb
The sweat and the joy
How to tell a story, a generous
Telling from your grandfather
You hear a Park Ranger and tell it well
One can be born twice
And be a storyteller.