Today, Saturday, I walked in the afternoon. It was cool 63 degrees. I brought my camera to take photos of the birds I see during my walk to the river. I know the blue heron and the red wing blackbird but I don’t know the other birds.

Books I am reading:

The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas merton

Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah

A Beautiful Question by Frank Wilczek









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  1. The second picture down of a bird with a brown stripe along his cheek is a sparrow, but I don’t know which. My daughter identified a few species of sparrows at my place at Christmastime, but they are hard to keep straight! Do you have a “bird book” such as Peterson’s Field Guide to Western Birds? I find myself referring to it once or twice a week, and to the All About Birds site I love your pictures.


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