She prides in her age, seventy. 

The world ages with her

That includes you, my dear, she will say

All of us bends down to pick something from the floor.

She can bend down with no moans from her spine

Simple calisthenics and moving constantly

Should not be a secret,she says, with a smile

That’s one of my grandmother’s philosophy of aging

Keep moving because you are curious and alive

That’s one beauty of being unpretentious.

Musings on Sunday After Christmas

Hide in a shelter of trees in the woods and listen to avian conversations, sweet songs and chatter

Serenades in chants of love songs, birds flirting, time phrases

Simultaneous displays of affection

When evening comes, lie down on the meadow to ease you muscle aches and back discomfort

Watch the stars appear ten by ten until you can’t count them anymore

Your brain nudges the hammock of neural synapses connecting lifelines of attention and comfort

The fragrance of grass, beauty of flower garlands open your senses to a new chemistry

The body is intelligent in an unknown way and know what to subtract and add in wholesome well being before you yourself knows what’s happening.

Open space embrace with soothing air and mountain views like a sanctuary as if nature is speaking to you. And understand emotionally what the birds are singing. The secret is not what you imagine but what you feel.

You know you will need tremendous courage to follow your own rules.

Some songs and calls are fading

The birds are facing extinction

Encroachment in their habitats or human neglect

The birds chant offers a sense of place and time and peace

We are losing the outdoors richness when our winged friends leave or die.

Don’t abandon the birds, they are helpless pretty creatures and friends

If you don’t answer your questions you have to find one who can. Don’t presume you are the first one to ask.

Christmas Eve Miscellany

Merry and Safe Christmas Eve everyone.

Photos taken during the last one week at home, with my daughter and her family and during my walk to the river.

The world has changed during the last one year. There are sadness and losses and there are hope and strenght.

My granddaughter finishing the preparation for the challah bread before the baking. She will give the bread to me as a Christmas gift.

Pesenting the finished product.

Ramen with shrimp, my lunch 2 days ago.

Yesterday I walked to the river. I saw the egret walking along the river in front of a fisherman.

Then flew away after I had taken a photo.

Winter Soltice.

Can you see the bluebird?I was walking by yesterday and saw a bird perched on the fence. I was the bird did not fly away when I was adjusting my phone-camera.

Today in my walk to the river I saw the paddle boarders returning back to the downtown dock where they started. The white egret was not interested with them.

They were colorful. They were talking and enjoying themselves.

I wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas Eve.

Why the birds again?

Where I live here in Northern California is on lockdown again.

Last Monday I saw my doctor, a nephrologist, and I was given a new medicine. 

I walked to the river this afternoon. The egret and the blue heron were in the river. I had my long lens with me  this time. You are probably tired of hearing and seeing these birds because I posted them many times. I’m sorry.

The trees were getting bare. It’s December. The leaves on the sidewalk looked like mellipedes.

Beauty resides in many places.


The story, in the telling, sounds unreal like a dream,she is there,

She is telling it like it’s presently evolving,happening in real time,

not extracting it from memory

To rise again when all striving seems to have been all exhausted is a man of honor and courage. I can aspire to be that man who participates.

First let me wash the the dishes. Unclean sink does not promise a good dish. A hungry man does not mean he does not wants to eat a delicious dish. 

Brene Brown says “vulnerability is not a weakness “. Vulnerability is like a tire that has to pass all kinds of terrain to show real character, it’s resilience.

Mrs. Abstract and I and with two of our friends went to Spain last year. We visited Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

A Day in the Life of

Though I will miss my lunch

I am not hungry to eat yet

I am exuberantly eager to walk to the river

I don’t want to confess I want to see her again 

A woman who walks with a yellow parasol

I do not feel embarrassed I do not speak her language

I feel sad for not learning the language when I was young.

Today is a different day

Everyone wishes “a somewhere to be”

The day when the lockdown begins

The day that nobody wants.

I want focus my attention to the pathway

Lined by sycamore, birch, maple and other trees I can not name

I am still astonished by soft touches of leaves falling on my head

And hearing crackling sound of leaves that I walk on 

A day of circumstances

One blue heron and 4 egrets gathered on the riverbank

All looking at the river

Two sea otters playing diverts also my attention 

Their heads bobbing up and under the water surface

I change my attention to the birds

They also sense my new interest

I experience the birds play of teasing

Two egrets fly away chasing each other.

Then comes a paddle boarder in the river

He bends down pulling back his paddle

Propelling himself down the river

Stands up, bends and paddles on the left

Propels himself forward again

Downstream he will turn around before he is swallowed by the sea

Paddles back to where he starts his day

Robust and happy for his accomplishment

The day may not be of bewilderment

But it is a day of sun but without rain

I’m happy to take photographs and write a poem

About how we live in a worried world

A reality we can change with our untapped power.

note: The book I just finished reading: Dirt by William Buford. Entertaining, funny, French way of cooking. Wonderful.