Christmas Eve Miscellany

Merry and Safe Christmas Eve everyone.

Photos taken during the last one week at home, with my daughter and her family and during my walk to the river.

The world has changed during the last one year. There are sadness and losses and there are hope and strenght.

My granddaughter finishing the preparation for the challah bread before the baking. She will give the bread to me as a Christmas gift.

Pesenting the finished product.

Ramen with shrimp, my lunch 2 days ago.

Yesterday I walked to the river. I saw the egret walking along the river in front of a fisherman.

Then flew away after I had taken a photo.

Winter Soltice.

Can you see the bluebird?I was walking by yesterday and saw a bird perched on the fence. I was the bird did not fly away when I was adjusting my phone-camera.

Today in my walk to the river I saw the paddle boarders returning back to the downtown dock where they started. The white egret was not interested with them.

They were colorful. They were talking and enjoying themselves.

I wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas Eve.

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