The kayakers arrive in the dock 

Like fugitives who don’t want to leave

They glide and linger in the water

Their green, yellow and red flotation vests bright in the sun

Their eyes are wide like a mountain of joy

They disembark and thank their guide

And talk incessantly of returning

They live faraway.

A Path

The child sweeps the leaves on the path that leads to the house

In the morning, and in the afternoon

He sweeps the path everyday

As if dancing , sways on the right, then on the left

Rhythmic like his heart beat

His face, serene, without expression, 

As if praying.

After he finishes he puts away the broom, 

Returns to his room, picks up a book

And resumes reading.

A Surprise

I look up, straighten my body

Tired from digging clams in the sand during the lowest tide

Find myself looking at a cow walking on the beach

as if in a dream

Then I remember the sign on the road to watch out for cattle when I drove by

I start laughing loud and happy

The interconnectedness in the world,

Relationship is with everything around us,

One family., full of surprises and delicacy.


The rhythm of the day

Is the rhythm of life

Each day is a gift

To transform ourselves.

Each day is a  praise of God.

Compline entrusts us to our faith

To turn tumult of the day to silence

Before we sleep we ask ourselves:

Did I miss God passing by?

We pray for God’s mercy and love:

Preserve us for another day.