A Question

The adventurous portrait of my longing

The green leaves turn brown, the chilling wind

The shadows spread riddles from the sun

Distinguishing the passage of time

Songs all different can blend in harmony

Conquering doubts and afflictions

To seek, to find, to end all wanderings

But what is love that love challenges life

Is not praise enough without surrender?

O mystery.

Rare time when snow arrives in Napa Valley


February 4, 2023

Good morning.

First day of my Sabbath Project

I’m a beginner. A believer? Not yet. A faithful? Oh, no. Far from it.

What is the sudden reversal?

The mystical women of the Middle Ages. I’ll start with St. Clare of Assisi and Mechthild of Magdeburg.

What’s Sabbath Project? Getting up at 8am. Meditation for half hour.