The failed experiment will not be a singular experience

could be wide with ramifications

is it unusual to have unhappiness early in life

and to have fullness of life later?

Sighting an uncommon bird

will be peculiar day.

a point of celebration.

The jellyfish dance,

glitter in the night

Walking in Festival of Lights

After the Rain

When I am having obscure feelings

When my neighbors start their monumental discussions

When you feel giddy

I hold the chairs with both hands

Plant my feet strongly

Breath deep and regular

The flood will recede

The forest will bloom again

I have been nudging my reluctant imagination

Offer alternatives, new ideas

Rare excursions to simplify playful musings

During all these days of rain

My memories are filled with orchids, mushrooms, migrating birds

Of intelligent fish and butterflies

Of praying mantis, of rabbits

I want allowances for distractions 

Without being detained, a few moments 

To clear my mind

The artistic practice to fail better

The waiting and unhurried way to find my shoes

And myself like a new beginning

I want to sing to you

Hike and dance our way

To the mountain.

These photos are taken from walk to the river during the last 3 days.

The present books I’m reading: Super-Infinte, The Transfomation of John Donne by Katherine Rundell

Shirley Hazzard, A Writing Life byBrigitta Olubas

How To Live or A Life of Montaigne by Sarh Bakewell

December Twenty Six

at sunrise

a bird leaves

its perch

a tree painted blue

a wind chime hangs from a branch

a bird sings from faraway

a mother looks at her child

imagines colors of her voice

the sun recedes behind the mountains

she adjusts the aperture

takes all the photos

a long story begins


a snowstorm

a child was born


Can the flowers hear

Do butterflies whisper their wishes

I’m alone walking along a forest path

My hair shines in the sun

You can follow me

Wherever you are

I pace my steps

Aware of watchful eyes

I’m reluctant to stray from the path

The mountain may shake

Obliterate my awareness

Dictionary may not suffice

The majesty in scarcity

Can elevate my expectations

Tomorrow I will start early

Inaugurate a new attentiveness.

note: It’s invigorating to be able to walk to the river again. I met a lot of walkers walking their dogs or their friend’s dogs. The air is clear and the sky is blue. Simple things.


The leaves were changing colors.

Today on my third day 

of walking after the fall

I reached the river.

I saw a blue heron, maybe

a younger one, feathers paler blue

Bending down to tighten my shoe laces

I found a penny next to my shoe

I felt richer.

Is it a journal or diary

or just doodling?

Both need writing

and thought.

and  repetitions.

Fall and afterwards

Since my fall about 4 weeks ago I have not walked to the river until today. I walked halfway, easing my way slowly.

I felt good.

Yukka and palm trees shadow the sun

Thorns and leaves abound


Books I am reading:

Middlemarch by George Eliot

(with my Book Club)

Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Past

There was once a place

Where the mountain breaks the softness of sunrise

Where fishermen sing while tending their nets

Where I grew up,

The narrow streets and old houses play in my sleep

People meander and talk at sunset

On Saturdays a farmer’s market

Filled with animated visitors.

I miss the place.

The past is part of the present

I will understand happiness 

Depends on differences of small things

Will make sense later

I am fit not from running

But from gardening

I want you to come with me

And visit this place

You are a good listener.

The future 

Can be full of chatter.

I become too familiar

With the world around 

There are possibilities

We can laugh together.