arts painted in light

Lighted Art Festival

“Napa Lighted Art Festival, (under the stars),large scale art works painted entirely in light.Using light projections and sound system artists from the U.s. and Europe turn Napa’s (Napa Valley, California, U.S.) streetscape into an open air gallery.” The art works are projected on major buildings in downtown Napa from December 8 to December 17.

Below are two of the nine art works.


note:the stained glass is part of the church and not of the art work.



the three photos above is titled “Language of Love”, by Birgit Zander and Daniel Bandke.


Flow by by David Sullivan.



above 2 photos are titled Sonic Expression Exhibit by Cecil Lossy and Eddy  Mclay




The Return


The magnitude of oneself,
the hallucinating voices
can overwhelm an altar

Like grinding of gravel into sand
locust deluded by summer
start eating trees
birds lost their songs,
now mere shadows in the horizon

Then you came with your guitar
music and prayers bounce on the walls
repetitional phrases of longing,
a chant of a pilgrim returning
for the first time.


“Solitude, however, is a form of awareness. It’s a way of being present and perceptive within all of life. It’s having a dimension of reflectiveness in our daily lives that brings with it a sense of gratitude, appreciation, peacefulness , enjoyment, and prayer. It’s the sense, within ordinary life, that life is precious, sacred, and enough.”- Ronald Rolheiser, Prayer, Our Deepest Longing