I start to feel well again

I start to walk to the river

Shorter distance at a time

The rain has stopped

The next few days will be sunny

And temperature may be high 60’s

May be I will be able to walk further.

I watch chess tournaments virtually

I am playing chess again by email

But not poetry yet. Ideas

Come only in spurts and short

I am not worried.

Note: I finished reading, All The King’s Men

by Robert Penn Warren, for our Book Club. Excellent book. Full of insights. 

Rain and rain

The big rain arrives today

loudly and enthusiastically

house shakes,

nest rattles,

river swells

snow  falls abundantly

weather forecast boasts correctly

rain in stormy fashion

sheltered in just lifted

a week of rainstorm

wind, very strong at times

cold and wet

Let’s celebrate.

Into The Woods

Foggy brain and random words

Introduced me to forest bathing 

And being friendly with my neighbors

Walking in the woods makes me more attentive to sounds and light

Breathing fresh air with fragrance of trees and streams

My emotions calm down

I start feelings of gratitude

Each breath becomes easier and more regular

I feel connected to the world again

I can look at my pain and losses

Not wishing them to go away

But to go through them

And face them with gratitude

Every day is a new day

Appreciative of small and simple things

Like breathing, walking, dawn.

note: flowers I saw during my walk to the river today.

Wet and Dry

Today was a very sad for our country. An “insurrection” breached the U.S. Capitol which was eventually repulsed.

We had a very good rain On Monday. Yesterday I walked to the river. It rained again today.

Last few weeks I watched chess tournaments on line. During the last a few days I started to play chess with a friend. 

I have a hard time writing poetry recently.

Music & Rain

The ascending music of Beethoven’s piano sonata number 21

Reaches the height of your admiration

Like driving alone at night in the rain

As if the sky opens up for you to be happy

All the hidden stars twinkling for you

Happy New Year’s Eve

Note: The rain came last night. Today is New Year’s Eve


She prides in her age, seventy. 

The world ages with her

That includes you, my dear, she will say

All of us bends down to pick something from the floor.

She can bend down with no moans from her spine

Simple calisthenics and moving constantly

Should not be a secret,she says, with a smile

That’s one of my grandmother’s philosophy of aging

Keep moving because you are curious and alive

That’s one beauty of being unpretentious.