If winter comes

Snow on top of the trees

We can walk under it as if inside a cathedral

Our steps will mark a memory

But will melt with time

Unlike sorrow etched in the heart

Doesn’t completely fade away

But sadness and snow can be generous

If given time.

note: I am brushing up with my chess games.I am replaying a lot of games by the world chess champions.


I will be away

only for a few days

from confusion of mind and soul

riding the world’s common time

like a heart of a promise

to return consciously

one fragment at a time

like voices drifting, then silence

even ugliness 

can have a wonderful side

or imaginary digressions

of very small fulfillments 

to life’s most important things.

from my walk last week
from my walk last month while away
from my walk today



dust off dreams from your eyes 

the foliage is changing colors

leaves are abundantly falling

birds are toeing ahead of me

You don’t have to move boulders to walk the dogs

Ladies walking in pairs smile as they wave

Lift the heaviness that anchors your mind

fisherman’s eyes rides the wake testing his passion

The boatman glances to the fisherman,

thinks what he is missing


walk, share your sweet time with others

or get the ladder and wash your windows

before mornings turn quickly into afternoons

One morning

One morning in an open field

I see a blue heron

Flying above are geese

Walking in the woods I hear song birds

But birds and other creatures are diminishing

Glaciers are breaking, drought is widening 

The air is getting warmer

Weather patterns are frightening

The Arctic terns losing their colonies

We are intimate of their extinction

Once, we love the earth

Try to shape it with our vision without understanding

Arrogant to admit mistakes

How is it that I have to ask

For a few good men and women

With courage to stand the challenge

385,000 babies are born in the world, every day.

They do not hide.