Conversation during my dream state

What do you do?
I travel a lot.

Your answer is inadequate.
The question is broad.

Where do you travel?
Anywhere in the country.

Do you deal with people?
I engage people, the living.

Do you attend a lot of meetings?
Seldom to few.

Do you deal with finances?

Do you work everyday?
I have off days.

Do you do fine arts or performing arts?
I wish I could.

Are you proud of your work?
Noble work. Privileged. Yes.

What are you?
I’m a good listener. We should talk again.

note: during my hospitalization I met traveling nurses,doctors, and Allied Health Professionals. I talked with them in snippet.

secret whisper

At dawn you were riding a hot air balloon
anticipation of beauty and terror
a landscape of vineyards, mountains, houses in cluster and solitary
one thousand, two thousand feet or higher



the perspective became wider, objects became smaller
even at the highest point a limit of what you could see
a grain of sand of reality or imagination
light and vision, dreams
lingering at the threshold of waking

then the balloon descended
restoring a balance,“the gravity of unadorned song”
doesn’t sound “intelligent or coherent”
of “what just vanished, a shadow moving away”.

After clouds lifted you experienced
a brighter morning, an eternal frame of hope
“a line of beauty”, “ a riddle”,
“a beauty wedded to something meaningful”,
psst, a secret whisper from an alleyway.”
note: the quoted words are from the book. The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. The story is rich, superb.