Seeking OThers

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that I need to leave the familiar, but I don’t want to do it entirely alone-I want to seek others who can offer perspective into my predicament, who can help guide my passage.”

-Suleika Jaouad, Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted


I meet a lot of grandparents talking
Of their grandchildren. They want to impart
a certain part of them. A curiosity may be
and courage for the unknown
Start when young, they say
when mind is so receptive.

The ideals and the absurd
We have to choose one when arriving at the crossroads
The place where we diverge and where life begins.

I am on my way home.

A day like today

Today was an unusually hot day
88 degrees at 5 in the afternoon .
I heard drum beats and oboe’solitary
Cry, bees in the garden holding
Their breath.My thoughts appeared
In jumbles, voices knocking on the door.
I had to stop a few times during
My walk to the river, I felt tightness
On my left chest like when I fell in love
With a wrong woman.Returning home
I stopped by and chatted with two ladies,
The elderly one wearing a straw hat on her head
was standing and the younger one I presumed
Her daughter, was sitting on a bench.
“How was your walk?” the elderly one
Asked. “It’s hot,”I said.
“It’s lovely,” she said. “You should walk slow.”


note: a black bird with red wing shoulder


note: the path starts to be golden.