an orbit of one’s own making

What will happen if one of the planets
from our solar system disappear?
Or a new one appear?

I am on my way in to a bakery
for bear claws and cinnamon twists
She is on her way out, a cup on one hand
a folder and cell phone on the other.
In trying to avoid something on the ground
she loses her coordination
papers fly out in all directions
a gasp and curses I have not heard before
Instinctiv.ely I pick up some papers, she pursues the others
Hurriedly, she gathers everything,
goes to her car and leaves.

Saturday my ritual to visit the bakery
we see each other with recognition.
She apologizes and offers her gratitude.
“Can I invite you for a cup of coffee?’she says
I look at her bright eyes,
it’s not polite to refuse an invitation.