Yesterday Mrs. Abstract and I spent the New Year with our friends. We dined on Tuscan Bread Soup, lobster tails, French baguette and bubbly.we watched the movie, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared.The movie was funny and with ridiculous sequences of events that ended well. 

I wish always to reach the age of 100 just to experience what it feels like to be a hundred. With my cancer, though on remission, and my 4-coronary-artery heart bypass my chances of reaching 100 is slim. My goal every day is to remain healthy.

I’m reading coincidentally a book, The Hemlock Cup, Socrates, Athens and the Search for a Good Life.

I just finished reading an essay, A Meditation in a Toolshed, by C.S. Lewis. He explains that “One must look both along and at everything,” to know the truth.