to fulfill a dream, a goal

To fulfill a goal is like building a cathedral, one brick over one brick , one at a time. Katie Spotz says take one step at a time. 
To experience reality I may have to dream first. I will need an inspiration like her.

“There are certain things I think you’re destined to do, Katie Spotz ” says. “Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but I do feel that I’m part of something much bigger.”

“It was a challenge at every level. And at the core, I love challenging myself and pushing my preconceived notion of what is possible.”
quoted from: the rotarian, Rotary’s Magazine, January 2013 (The young woman and the sea)

“On March 14, In 2010, Katie set the world record for the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic. Along the way she raised more than $150,000 for safe water projects in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Kenya.”