What is after all 

one chess game lost

kings, queens, knights roaming

bishops blessing 64 squares

after the 6th hour of play

though night is deepening

tired, vision blurred, distracted

there is another day

hours and hours of preparation

dawn will come 

another game.

note: I’m sorry I have not written any new poems. I have been watching on-line Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022 being held in the Netherlands.I have to get up before 5 in the morning. The games start at 5.

Books I’m reading: I have been re-reading Lord of the Rings.

Why chess?

“Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe!” – Indian Proverb

“Chess like love like music has the power to make men happy” (Tarrasch,1935).

“Similar to the feeling of love, chess makes you blissfully happy all the time.”

“People love adventures. Each game of chess is one such adventure.”

note: I’m reading an article in the Chessbase entitled, Understanding my passion for chess, by Prof.Lakshmi Narayana, link chess. I share a similar passion for chess.


hotel’s little library

This past weekend Mrs. Abstract and I stayed in Union Inn Hotel built in 1880 in Volcano, Amador County,CA.

The hotel has a small well library. I found a wonderful book, Home, written by Beth Powing.

“ It was November, our first autumn in the farm. The ground was frozen, there were white crystals in the black ice on the end and the sun traveled low across the sky.

We went into the woods to cut next year’s firewood.”

Beth Powing, Home, Chronicle of a North Country Life

note: I’m sorry I’m slightly behind in my blog. I’m immersed in chess. I’m following the World Chess Championship in New York,N.Y between Magnus Carlsen, current world champion from Norway, who battles Sergei Karjakin, the challenger from Russia.

full or lost in thought

The painted man stands like a statue
in the Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
immobile for an hour or two
concentration, the center of his gravity
passersby look, for a moment, freeze their strides
a boy approaches, and pinches him
the statue winks, the boy smiles
the passersby resume their destination.

The boy sits focused in his chess game
webs of moves, branching, the center of his mind
a statue, breathing and thinking
and will not wink, shakes hands with smile.

note: I’m playing a lot of chess and reading about tesseract. I could not write a poem.

If I have questions

“Only the foolish and the dead alone
never change their opinions…
heavy clouds, impolite winds…”
some words are hard to translate,
so much meaning, feelings can hide
Can you cover church steeples with gold?
What happened to your umbrella?

note: I have a constant problem. I can’t write without reading.