Hide and seek

Mixing of their snores

Is like tangled vines

Where monkeys fight

Swinging and sometimes laughing

The waterfalls stop flowing

The moon hides behind the banyan tree

Then they breath again heaving

In increasing crescendo

Then the crest is reached

The noise stops

Like the sound of the dead 

Like when we were children

Playing hide and seek

You and I hide our breath with a kiss.


A cat stares at the window
A glass prism splits the light
A woman’s gaze shifts to the opposite direction
The children are playing a game: Find Me A Doll.
All are not in a hurry.
They arrive in front of the window all at the same time.
The mothers are relieved, afraid when they are apart
Like when they are playing in the field
And storm is brewing.
Now the woman can start the dinner.
The cat can play with the ball of yarn.

One night

I walked to the river yesterday. The blue heron was tiptoeing on the opposite bank not minding the fishermen sitting on their folding chairs with their cast lines resting on sticks. They were talking with their drop-by friends. I said hi. They said hi. Then one man showed me the skid marks of the car that jumped over the stone barrier into the river the midnight before.The driver was a 15 year old girl and the passengers were another 15 year old girl and a 14 year old boy. They were able to get out of the car before it sank in the river. The incident was reported to the police on the following morning according to the newspaper.

I was very tired when I walked back home.

three small steps

they thought they will never learn

to dance the cha cha cha

-play like a child

to be children again

hiding in castles and search

building the cat’s cradle

might have been hours

practice, play, and laughter

bodies curl for ice cream


photo: Cha Cha Cha, Robin Murez, 2011, part of Momentum: Art That Moves (Us), Napa ARTwalk, Downtown Napa,CA