plus one

January fourth
one tree with three birds plus one
my New Year walk to the river
the mist came and left, the sun warmed the meadow
we thought we will perform spoken word poetry
instead my friend and I danced intuitive dance of foolishness
another friend arrived, brought one French expression of relaxation:
a baguette, cheese , fruits and wine and a blanket

you were invited but you were faraway.

three small steps

they thought they will never learn

to dance the cha cha cha

-play like a child

to be children again

hiding in castles and search

building the cat’s cradle

might have been hours

practice, play, and laughter

bodies curl for ice cream


photo: Cha Cha Cha, Robin Murez, 2011, part of Momentum: Art That Moves (Us), Napa ARTwalk, Downtown Napa,CA