Dear Maginar,

“Poverty is closely linked with silence, the language of the solitary. Poverty may be thought of as a freedom from possessions that includes the freedom from the desire to possess things. This is generally what we have in mind when we speak of poverty: having nothing. But at a deeper level there is an ontological poverty which means being nothing.The poverty that seeks to be free of any attachment to possessions, material or spiritual, is essential to a true solitary. …ontological poverty is the most fundamental of our being, whether we understand it or not…We are totally dependent on God, whether we understand it or not. But what a difference it makes when we do understand!”-William H. Shannon, Thomas Merton’s Paradise Journey

I meditate on poverty continuously on and off for a long time. Still going. I try to practice detachment. It’s very difficult. I try to understand. “But what a difference it makes when we do understand!”

Look at the birds.



note: Maginar is my imaginary friend.