string is, is not, is it?

“Today I”

starts the diary of Heidi Julavits

temperature will be in the nineties

why not drive to the coast?

sitting on a table with friends in the oyster farm

a few dozens of oysters in the basket, sparkling wine

“live to shuck” says the sign

a day in the life of, on your birthday.

“I know who I am.”

starts the book I got from an estate sale

on my morning walk to the river.

“In the beginning was the word,”

begins my spiritual journey.

Jotting down a line here,a line there

writing takes time, he says, patience

while carrying the weight of the sun

on his back.

The concept of the universe is subtle

sometimes perplexing, sometimes quantum

deals with quarks, and a “folded clock”

the wonder is, what we do not know.

Today I