“In Scripture, the opposite of faith is not doubt but anxiety. To lack faith is not so much to have theoretical doubts about God’s existence as it is to be anxious and fearful at a deep level…

It is this kind of anxiety, the deep fear that we have been forgotten, that pushes many of us to make an assertion of our lives. Nobody wants to live and die unnoticed, insignificant, forgotten. This anxiety is the opposite of faith. It is not so much the fear that God doesn’t exist, as the fear that God doesn’t notice our existence.

What is faith? Faith doesn’t have you believe that you will have no worries, or that you will not make mistakes, or that you and your loved ones won’t sometimes fall victim to accident or sickness. What faith gives you is the assurance that God is good, that God can be trusted, that God won’t forget you, and that, despite any indication to the contrary God is still solidly in charge of the universe. Faith says that God is real and God is Lord and, because of this, there is ultimately nothing to fear. We are in safe hands. Reality is gracious, forgiving, loving, redeeming, and absolutely trustworthy. Our task is to surrender to that.”- Ronald Rolheiser, Prayer Our Deepest Longing


The rain will come
washing your face
and water the camellias.
The rain will come
washing the face of the hill
and flood the river.

To engage God is personal,
total acceptance without certitude.
But we are persistent with our questioning,
wanting assurances.
The forest will bloom and decay
or be destroyed by our foolishness.

who are you

what if I doubt

because I can not hear


answers to my questions

or water to clinch a thirst


is your silence

a sign of absence?


but if I feel a touch

on my shoulder


is it the wind,

not your hand?


but if I accept

their pain as mine


bathe them with tears

is that surrender?


is the summit

a mirage?


I walk barefoot on earth

my eyes without mist