The Place



The Place

The surprise of hearing my own voice

like seeing slivers of light filtered between the trees

The words are whispered which I could have missed

Words of encouragement, a push

My eyes are closed, my attention sharpened

I am resting a bit after walking long

My breathing is trying to catch up with my steps

In trying to reach my goal I struggle

There are benches, handrails, sources of spring water

I am vulnerable but not feeble.

I am not alone, or helpless

Though night is approaching I am not lost.

Is it the wind or spirit descends from above the trees

A voice telling me a place in eternity

The place where I am going.


I’m happy when it rains

random jottings on a rainy Sunday:


trivia but wonderful: It rained today in Napa Valley.


a poem and a mystery: Eternity

He who binds to himself a joy 

Does the winged life destroy

He who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise

William Blake


simple thought from the book, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, by Ann Patchett:

“Sometimes you don’t know what is lacking until you find it.”