“I set aside one day for silence and for twenty-four hours (first and third Monday of the month) I did not speak. At that time I had no idea this would be the beginning of personal odyssey of exploration and discovery, a long journey not without difficulties but one that, in the ensuing years, would transform my life.”-Anne D. LeClaire, Listening Below The Noise

note: I started reading a book, Listening Below The Noise, by Anne D. LeClaire. I am almost fuIly recovered from my heart surgery except for tiredness. I still have a hard writing, putting words and phrases together.IMG_2416

Doodling on a rainy day


I strive to learn, to be wise

when I should know myself first


I become stuck exploring

words, meaning, concept.


My mind lives in the sky

my  feet not on earth.


To accomplish something

I should participate.


If I ask the gods for assistance

I will be required to act.


Achievement requires effort

For geniuses, more effort.


For a lesser mind, my mind

how could I ask for less?


And I should be troubled.