I can romanticize the caregivers but their work is abundantly important.

My caregiver, Mrs. Abstract,has to wake up with me and has to be sure I’m safely back in bed.

Dress me, give me shower, prepare all my meals & all my medicines.

Mrs. Abstract has to do all her other works, like laundry, preparing herself for the the day. She has to do the work I use to do like taking out the garbage, vacuuming, getting the mail.

It’s easy to see why the caregivers burn out easily. They have to have a time for themselves.

Well being of the patient is first in their agenda. Theirs becomes secondary.

Our family & friends lend their hands to help Mrs. Abstract. Some bring food. Some stay with me to keep me company. She has to be with her friends also to deflect her stress.

My total gratitude to everyone for their cards, prayers, best wishes.

reach out

“I realize with astonishment that there is a way to have a family even from afar. But it involves reaching out continually, and communicating. In the meanwhile, even our neighbors have a role to play.

We need each other near and far.”- Sasha Martin, Life from Scratch, a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness