A cat stares at the window
A glass prism splits the light
A woman’s gaze shifts to the opposite direction
The children are playing a game: Find Me A Doll.
All are not in a hurry.
They arrive in front of the window all at the same time.
The mothers are relieved, afraid when they are apart
Like when they are playing in the field
And storm is brewing.
Now the woman can start the dinner.
The cat can play with the ball of yarn.


I woke up this morning
Drenched with sunshine
Craving for apple fritters
Dunked in hot chocolate
One of those moments
When I thought
Sugar is a blessing
But something tugged
My heart in moment of jubilation:
The frantic faces,
Of new arrivals in the airport.
With fear and uncertainty
Of seeing their families and friends again
Like what I felt when I was told
I will have a quadruple bypass heart surgery.



Why hide your presence from the multitude
The chair behind the window yielded once to your sitting
The surrounding air warmed to your breathing
Why write only about legends and heroism
About shyness and rendezvous
There are stories of equal splendor:
The passionate listening hands behind the stethoscopes, a warm blanket,
Comforting words and warm moist cloth on your face
That calm your thoughts wakened and suddenly frightened at the middle of the night.

shadows and entanglements

Light awakened me

new shadows were forming

fear with new frames,

island enclosures.

Should I understand “meaning

of unhappiness or happiness”

in dreams or restorative sleep?

You came

after a long winding road,

a lamp of illumination

taking me to direction and calm,

familiar places and thought,

fresh stories

I tried to understand

and find myself

I found you.