It’s that cold

Thursday was foggy,very cold, and drizzly. I wore with 3 layers of warm clothes: a turtle neck long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a vest. I also put on a baseball cap during my walk. One fisherman on the river left his fishing pole resting on a stand while he sat inside his car. The other fisherman was so engrossed with his cell phone that he had not even cast his line. He was even oblivious of a bird next to him, on his right side.



When I returned home the raindrops started to fall.

note: photos are taken using my cell phone.



Saturday in the vineyards

On some mornings
dreamers and early risers
travel in flames and floating baskets
of hot air balloons
over a landscape of hills
covered in whiteness,
vineyards in early bloom.

Cyclists attired in solemn black
or patches of colors,
dot the roads,
a pilgrimage of solitude

Travelers in their own
separate worlds living
a dream of spring.