Meaning of play

I’m sorry I have not posted for the last 5 days.

I spent my time on chess

Playing by email against 4 opponents

of two games each

I lost track of time

hours of concentration

It’s not surprising I forget

parts of the day or meals

What should a bird do

when flying over colorful meadows?

decisive moment

You take hundreds of photographs

roses, orchids, rhododendrons

in bloom, after the rain,

mountains, rivers, forests

misty mornings, sunsets.

Are you gathering a basket

of experiences against forgetting?

Or a habit to fill space-time,

a habit against “nothingness”,

against the dreadful fog.

A glance unites feelings and intuition

your eyes see the wonders of life

harmoniously happening in front of you

seize the moment to click the camera

a “decisive moment” to freeze time-

“a hand offering a crumb of bread

to a sparrow on the kerbstone.”

A photo lives, we pass away.