“Bless the World with Your Eyes
There is a beautiful practice in Jewish tradition of blessing the day.  In this worldview, each act becomes worthy of blessing. Gratitude is offered for the gift of every moment: upon awakening, when crossing a threshold, eating a meal, lighting candles. The Talmud calls for 100 blessings each day.

This act of blessing is really a special way of paying attention. It is a moment of remembering wonder as our primary response to the world. It is an act of consecrating the day.”
-Christine Valters Paintner
Abbey of the Arts

note: Quotation taken from Abbey of the Arts,

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present moment

“…total absorption and complete absorption in the present moment is available to us all when we choose to let gratitude wash over us uninhibitedly.”
-M. J. Ryan, Attitudes of Gratitude



note: photos taken from the bank of Napa River where I passed by during my walk. It’s low tide.Today is cloudy and 65 degrees. My iPhone says I walked10,900 steps.

Rain and birds

On Sunday night we woke up with water dripping on our bed from the ceilingImage.

The leak came not from the roof but from the hot water tank located at the attic. The plumber removed the water tank Monday,Christmas eve, and will replace it tomorrow. The rain continued today and we had no hot water.

We are thankful this year, the past years, for everything.

(photo taken this morning: birds at our daughter’s backyard)