A Leaf of Excitement

The rain started last night and continued today

I didn’t walk to the river this morning 

Instead I went to the Wellness Center for a workout.

This afternoon I was in the Study Center 

In the library helping students with their homework.

Afterwards I attended my Rotary Club meeting.

This evening I started reading Conversation With Friends,

A novel by Sally Rooney.

The little things that make life interesting.

We can measure the day by how long it rained

HOr by how happy is the student after 

She understood what she was studying for days.

A green leaf started sprouting from a seed 

Aboard the lunar lander at the  surface of the moon.

That’s a living plant  listening to Moonlight Sonata.

Vanishing point

Pearls of laughter, precious and soft
The laundry hanging, rhododendrons of peach and purple
Photos of them together next to a giraffe
Arranged themselves in her mind
While she walks on the beach
with no vanishing point
Where children are playing,
Two are chasing the gulls
and laughing
They will not be at the tea ceremony
dainty mountain of gestures and formalities they want no part
One day the memory will rise
And remember one own’s happiness
Like a child waking up
Her eyes looking at her mother
Her mother smiling at her

She turns around and walks back
The children and the birds are gone
The sands are changing colors
Someone waves from a distance
She continues her walk on the beach
With no vanishing point.

Sharing a story


Yesterday on my walk to the river I passed by a lady arranging lots of bottles on the driveway.Curious I stopped by and inquired.”All empty bottles of vitamins.150 bottles.I took them as part of my cancer treatment,” she said. She was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. She had surgery and chemotherapy. “I’m cancer free now,” she said. “Happy Rebirth Day” the sign says.A new life. “We can live with cancer,” she said.

She let me share her happiness on that beautiful afternoon. I was very happy for her.

moment of arrival

You have experienced life at its highest

and its lowest

are you surprised that you can love so much

and suffer so much?

You can extend happiness to everything

-a pair of running shoes, sounds

of sonnets read, laughter while flying kite,

shrimp on the grill, a chain saw.

You have arrived at the moment

that you have created

your mind filled with clarity

-a river joining the sea.

Time, every moment

Fresh steps, fresh snow

I’m sorry I missed you.

You visited. I was away.


30 days before the year’s end

eternal origin, eternal destiny

time ends, each differently.


“Did you just see what I didn’t see?”

“It just vanished.”

“That’s what I said.”


“Food tastes best:

when fat, acid, salt, and sweet

are in balance.” I still have time.


Note: I was not able to attend the celebration of Dr WHO’s 50th year anniversary 2 Fridays ago in the library. In DOCTOR WHO’s honor I read DOCTOR WHO :Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams by Gareth Roberts


Maybe now I can find time for the Hitchhiker.

Want to be happy? Be grateful. by David Steindl-Rast

 link: http://www.ted.com/talks/david_steindl_rast_want_to_be_happy_be_grateful.html