9I walked to the river, sunny 67 degrees, 12,000 steps, today. The ducks were all lined up, a long line.

I have to do walk every day, a commitment I have to do, like writing or learning something.My health depends on it.




when future doesn’t coincide with the present

Yesterday I took a shower,groomed,drove down to the library to browse at the book sale.
I stayed a little more than half hour. The room felt like it was moving. My throat felt like ivies were crawling. My cough rattled still the chandelier.

I could not see the red planet.The sky was cloudy with the impending rain. It did not rain.

I listened to a few songs by the four Holbrook sisters:SHEL


Today my appetite returned. The chandelier still shuddered and the ivy,still an ivy. I might see the red planet tonight.

Note:I finished Arcadia,a multilayered science fiction fantasy,by Iain Pears.