Holy surrender


“…I want to give myself to You without solicitude, without fear or desire, not seeking words or silence, work or rest, light or darkness, company or solitude. For I know I will possess all things if I am empty of all things, and only You can at once empty me of all things and fill me with Yourself, the Life of all that lives and the Being in Whom everything exists.

And this will be my solitude, to be separated from myself so far as to be able to love You alone, and love You so much that I no longer realize I am loving anything…”
-Thomas Merton, Entering the Silence, The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume Two 1941-1952

note:this is part of the prayer of Thomas Merton to the Holy Spirit before his solemn, perpetual vows as a priest and Cistercian monk.

note: I’m alone in the mountains. Mrs. Abstract drove to St. George,UT, with our friend, Gloria, who will run 10K in the Senior Games on Monday.


what is lent?

A mountain sleeps and rises

braces for storms, celebrates the forest

endures drought, suffers through fires.


Like the mountain

I learn to endure the thought

that life is transient.


I learn a little knowledge

in perception of beauty.


I learn to accept

life’s deep ambiguities.


Season of lent is here.

Time to turn the heart,

with humility, ascend the mountain


not to prove, but to receive

God’s teachings, poured abundantly.

The holy spirit dwells in our heart.