What’s your wish?

Monday afternoon was fading

you told me the nowhereness of your life

a horrifying thought of an artist

ideas like pins doodling your mind

with no gusty emotions fanning the sails.


“Is there any hope?”

You told me of a man in a mountain

who lived in an ancestral cabin

who “showered in a waterfall”,

solar panels heat his stove.


Life is coherence and details.

Come down from the idyllic, the abundance

while your senses can still get involved

don’t wait for the sun 

to swallow the moon

hold with your hands and mind

a “sense of eternity”

before the last consciousness of the earth 



living on the land

“There was something about living on the land that made people forever hopeful. Good years were always ahead. These old people knew well enough that the most promising colt might bring the bitterest disappointment, that the rainy season might start out well and end in drought, that the prettiest heifer might not give enough milk to pay for her feed. Yet they kept on breeding their animals and planting their fields.”
-from: November Grass by Judy Van Der Veer