“journey and the mind”

Walking into the woods

half-knowing food for my senses

more than mushrooms and streams

chorus of lyre-birds and fairy tales.

Are there other altars of praise?

How do you approach ruins

and neglected villages?

Can the select ascend like spires

above orchards of apples trees?

It’s not ignorance,

knowledge and skills are incomplete

without humanity, a gaze

offering the others, dignity.

“You are only strongest

when you have a weakness

for other people.”

Walking, ambience of leaves and questions,

treading a noisy brook and “silent fields”

-faintest whispers,

a “cheerful evening lay ahead”.

note: the quotations are from “Natural Born Heroes” by Christopher McDougal which I finished reading and from “A Time of Gifts” by Patrick Leigh Fermor which I have not finished yet. The “Natural Born Heroes” surprisingly has an exciting story about Patrick Leigh Fermor.