when the pig comes down the mountain

Ladies riding a pig

My grandmother is cool
She can dance a polka and bake a rhubarb pie
though not at the same time

My grandmother drops her sewing needle
start crawling on the carpet
85 years ago

A kitten and a baby on the floor
look at each other’s eyes
grow up grow up

Two lovers
meet at their Thursday rendezvous
I miss you I miss you

A man ask for a pie at the the bar
becomes drunk with beer
remember what you wish for

The elderly people in the park
pushing strollers
in lieu of canes

Everybody thinks
including the police
it is a baby in the stroller

My mother brings white asparagus and apple pie
says: eat one and plant the other
fruit tree on the backyard and a blond hair

My breakfast every Monday:
hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls
Ask me about Tuesday.

My grandfather yawns
my grandmother sighs
their only argument

you can’t be serious

at a mountain retreat
a chance encounter
a man with a long beard

touches the mat during zazen
a simple razor forgotten
started at the habit of not shaving

he finds comfort
combing his beard
braiding with different patterns

after meeting him
I began beard sighting
for the 10 best braided beards

I want to tell you more
but I’ll be late for class on “mindspeech”
in School of Direct Experiences


note: lately I have been playing a lot of chess by email. I found it very hard to write poetry and play chess. Does the thinking involve the same areas of the brain? I’m curious. I just finished reading Ursula LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness