laugh with me

I’m a waterfall
as small or as big
as your mind
can imagine.
Birds stop by
to hear my song.
Ferns grow nearby
fronds dance with glee.

Will you wish
rain for me
to keep me flowing?

come with the sun
I’ll shower you with crystals.
Don’t run away
to dry your face,
laugh with me
I’ll be your friend


photo: Japanese Garden, Butchart Gardens, Victoria,B.C., Canada

why create art, and create again

Aaron Copland, composer, asks himself:

“Why is it so important that I compose music?

What makes it seems so absolutely necessary so that every other daily activity, by comparison, is of lesser significance?” 

“And why is the creative impulse never satisfied; why must one always begin anew?”

He writes: “to the first question-the answer is always the same-self-expression; the basic need to make evident one’s deepest feelings about life.”Image

“Why must one always begin again?” “…each added work brings with it an element of self-discovery. I must create in order to know myself, and since self-discovery is a never- ending search,each new work is only a part-answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’”

 Copland adds: “…each new and significant work is a unique formulation of experience; an experience that would be utterly lost if it were not captured and set down by the artists.”


from Music and Imagination (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 2951-1952) by Aaron Copland