She sits on the sand

listening to the sound of the sea

There are a few people on the beach

Some are waiting for the sunset

She waits for the green flash.

A loud sound of a car crashing distract her thoughts

Like tiny fevers that affect the carpenter’ mind

Sounds of hammering, falling nails, slip of a saw

She runs to the road, a car

Smashed against a tree

She opens the car door quickly

Pulls the driver out, bleeding, moaning

Assessed the situation quickly, calls 911

Still shaken after the ambulance leaves

She returns and looks at the ocean again

And see not just darkness that veils the horizon

She sees farther, lines of light, 

Bright as her thought

Or she sees clearly what’s in front of her

She still misses or only glances

For things with deeper meaning

How fragile is time and beauty

Simple thread, as we are,in the tapestry of the universe.

We may not even be able to say goodbye.

the way it is

Spring arrives with tulips, cattleyas and daffodils
promenaders bring the crowd and bees disperse them
shouts and laughter of children playing
pause and enjoy, I try
days pass too quickly
start of a new cycle
before we know it
impermanence and renewal
saying goodbye and hello
singing the Beatles’s song

from decays comes blooms
new houses, buildings, neighborhood
a landscape of men and women
sometimes wonderful and sometimes confused
“at times loving and at times self-seeking”
compassionate and cruel
beautiful and frightening.

I look out at dawn, awakening
darkness yielding to clarity and brightness
tonight I will prepare dinner, open bottles of wine
why should we be strangers.

why do I have to change

“Everything changes…That things change is the reason why you suffer in this world and become discouraged. [But] when you change your understanding and your way of living, then you can completely enjoy your life in each moment. The evanescence of things is the reason you enjoy your life.”

-attributed to Shunryu Suzuki -quoted in Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson