The Path

“We just arrived,” say the fishermen

“It’s a Siberian huskie,” he says.

“They become cold easily,” she says

Both dogs are wearing colorful sweaters.

Day’s radiance lifts my feet

I meet them in my walk 

The same path every morning whenever I can

As if I’m trying remember each column of trees,

Their abundant leaves and shades.


I often think of Camino de Compostela.

I hold with interest Appalachian Trail.

I hear the sounds of hot air balloons overhead

I better get going

Thoughts can escape

I can’t separate appearances and their contents

The dogs, fishermen, river and its tides

One doesn’t have to wonder where poems come from. 


The walk brings life to life.




How to think your way

For six days in a row I have been walking for at least one hour each day. It was prompted by my heart doctor that I should be more commited to my health and fitness. I started reading a book, Let Your Mind Run, A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory by an American long distance runner and Olympic medalist, Deena Kastor, co-written with Michele Hamilton.


It’s an honest, frank ,and inspiring story of how Deena Kastor started running, baring the essentials of her training and personal insights in what winning and losing mean. Her training helps her tremendously not just to be the best athlete but also how to be a better person.

I find that I can apply her training as a runner to me for my fitness and health. She wrote about how she inspires herself to enjoy the rigors of training. She says: “As an athlete I’ve found aside from hard work, the greatest tools for success are optimism and gratitude.These practices have led to happiness and the routine pause to realize I’m living the life I love and dreamed of.”


Today was warmer than yesterday.I walked for 75 minutes in the neighborhood.





Once a mystery

No more dramatic monologues, night screams,
intermittent buzzes at any hour
the doctor removed a spider
that took lodging in his ear.

He paints flaming flowers, meteors showering the sky
wide landscapes with tulips in stages of bloom
Now, only pastels, ladies walking with their dogs
along the shore.

Where is the flame, the fire
that burns his fingers?

to fulfill a dream, a goal

To fulfill a goal is like building a cathedral, one brick over one brick , one at a time. Katie Spotz says take one step at a time. 
To experience reality I may have to dream first. I will need an inspiration like her.

“There are certain things I think you’re destined to do, Katie Spotz ” says. “Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but I do feel that I’m part of something much bigger.”

“It was a challenge at every level. And at the core, I love challenging myself and pushing my preconceived notion of what is possible.”
quoted from: the rotarian, Rotary’s Magazine, January 2013 (The young woman and the sea)

“On March 14, In 2010, Katie set the world record for the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic. Along the way she raised more than $150,000 for safe water projects in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Kenya.”