Why does beauty sometimes make us
feel sad and unselfishness
looks so bewildering?

We live in interpretive world
walking a path of expectations
strewn with attainments and praises.

Our efforts carry promises
measured movement forward
gentle steps that will not frighten a cat.

Share your laughter with the world
audaciously unfold your mirth
cathartic and contagious.

you can’t be serious

at a mountain retreat
a chance encounter
a man with a long beard

touches the mat during zazen
a simple razor forgotten
started at the habit of not shaving

he finds comfort
combing his beard
braiding with different patterns

after meeting him
I began beard sighting
for the 10 best braided beards

I want to tell you more
but I’ll be late for class on “mindspeech”
in School of Direct Experiences


note: lately I have been playing a lot of chess by email. I found it very hard to write poetry and play chess. Does the thinking involve the same areas of the brain? I’m curious. I just finished reading Ursula LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness