“Life is life. It does not freeze at any time, under any conditions. Life goes on, whatever our consciousness of God. And we with it. We go on grappling with life. We go on growing into awareness. We go on struggling to be worthy of awareness in which we now walk. And we fail often.” -Joan Chittister, Illuminated Life, Monastic Wisdom for Seekers of Light


Light is the grace that makes my morning fresh
A sense of gratitude for each day of my extended life
I can accept the world full of problems and greatness,
Diversity and innovation,new definition of fear.
Gradually I allow myself to add new pages to read
Every improvement faces new challenges
I will rise every morning with renewed vigor
To add living to life.


note: myself walking this morning to improve my strength.

where life dwells

“The trees ring with her voice. The moment shatters,so beautiful and precious, the shed pieces of one moment giving way to the next, and I understand that this is where life dwells-in the unregistered time between moments when you are filled with no thought, no awareness, just garden, ancient sunlight, your sister’s voice.”
-Dawn Tripp, Georgia,A Novel of Georgia O’Keeffe

to know one’s own self


Seven End-of-Life Questions for Terminally Ill Patients

What is your understanding now of where you are with your illness?

How much information about what is likely to be ahead with your illness would you like from me?

If your health situation worsens, what are your most important goals?

What are your biggest fears and worries about the future with your health?

What abilities are so critical to your life that you can’t imagine living without them?

If you become sicker,how much are you willing to go through for the possibility of gaining more time?

How much does your family know about your wishes and priorities?

note: from the book,Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, by Atul Gawande

“We assume their goal is survival,” he says. However, “people have things to live for besides living longer.”

-Atul Gawande


We ran to the river
flooded after the rain
full, swift, and dangerous.
We were young,gallant, naughty ,
and extravagant with laughter.

We knew when not to dare.

note:While browsing National Geographic online I came across an offer of a new book,
Life from Scratch, by Sasha Martin, to be released on March 3rd. Her story reminded me of my childhood.I requested Mrs. Abstract to order the book for me. The author has a youtube video to introducing the book.


Sasha Martin has a blog also :