where are you


I remembered
you talked of twilights
you called your liminal space
of dreaming and creativity
time and infinity.

You lived in a house of many rooms
“ a complex architecture of origami”
You played in “flower-starred field”,
home of the monarchs.

You disappeared
or maybe I did
too late or maybe not
to think of reasons.

And I was looking
at old photographs.
You were standing motionless
at the center of a circle
of cluster of leaves you gathered
which you used to do
while humming a twilight song.


photo: Spring Lake
note: I was thinking of “you” when I attended a graduation celebration of our friend’s daughter held at a beautiful picnic groove in Spring Lake, Sonoma County Regional Park, Santa Rosa,CA. She will attend UC Santa Cruz.

meditation on suffering

I try every day to meditate on Richard Rohr’s daily meditations.

Holding the Pain
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Don’t get rid of the pain until you’ve learned its lessons. When you hold the pain consciously and trust fully, you are in a very special liminal space. This is a great teaching moment where you have the possibility of breaking through to a deeper level of faith and consciousness. Hold the pain of being human until God transforms you through it. And then you will be an instrument of transformation for others.
As an example of holding the pain, picture Mary standing at the foot of the cross. Standing would not be the normal posture of a Jewish woman who is supposed to wail and lament and show pain externally. She’s holding the pain instead, as also symbolized in Michelangelo’s Pietà. Mary is in complete solidarity with the mystery of life and death. She’s trying to say, “There’s something deeper happening here. How can I absorb it just as Jesus is absorbing it, instead of returning it in kind?” Until you find a way to be a transformer, you will pass the pain onto others.

from: Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation
Adapted from The Authority of Those Who Have Suffered (MP3 download)
Richard Rohr, OFM

Fr. Richard Rohr is a globally recognized ecumenical teacher bearing witness to the universal awakening within Christian mysticism and the Perennial Tradition. He is a Franciscan priest of the New Mexico Province and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fr. Richard’s teaching is grounded in the Franciscan alternative orthodoxy—practices of contemplation and lived kenosis (self-emptying), expressing itself in radical compassion, particularly for the socially marginalized.



a commitment to Other

lighting a candle

not a switch on the wall

to brighten the room

to slow time a bit

a deep breath

breathe in, breathe out

creating a space between

a threshold of a door

space between stages

“the liminal space”

leaving a calculative

mind and entering

a contemplative mind

to see reality

as it is,

to meet God,

the light on the path,

begins our retreat.



note: I attended a spiritual retreat this past weekend at San Damiano Retreat House in

Danville,CA. for more thought on liminal space see:


photo: the windmill trail, on of the trails, in San Damiano Retreat House grounds