A moment of each day:

My special moment today is reading the blog of GretchenJoanna about her reading-challenge of Japanese literature. I learned about Makoto Fujimura, artist and writer.Link to her blog:literature  

Fujimura wrote a book, Silence and Beauty, based on the writings of Shusaku Endo especially his book, Silence.

I have read Endo’s Silence many years ago and saw the movie adaptation, Silence by Martin Sorcese, recently. I have to thank you for bringing Makato Fujimura and his works. I watched the 7 videos by Fujimura talking about his book, Silence and Beauty. Here is the link:silence



where life dwells

“The trees ring with her voice. The moment shatters,so beautiful and precious, the shed pieces of one moment giving way to the next, and I understand that this is where life dwells-in the unregistered time between moments when you are filled with no thought, no awareness, just garden, ancient sunlight, your sister’s voice.”
-Dawn Tripp, Georgia,A Novel of Georgia O’Keeffe