vocabulary of a cello

of divergent views, differences

the curious and the future

meeting, expands the world.


rehearsing the cello for minutes or hours

self-aware,  imagination 

creates quality and play.


a child hears a dream

flight of an ensemble

ascending bird.


a child reads an article on Yo Yo Ma in New York Times. link:



why create art, and create again

Aaron Copland, composer, asks himself:

“Why is it so important that I compose music?

What makes it seems so absolutely necessary so that every other daily activity, by comparison, is of lesser significance?” 

“And why is the creative impulse never satisfied; why must one always begin anew?”

He writes: “to the first question-the answer is always the same-self-expression; the basic need to make evident one’s deepest feelings about life.”Image

“Why must one always begin again?” “…each added work brings with it an element of self-discovery. I must create in order to know myself, and since self-discovery is a never- ending search,each new work is only a part-answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’”

 Copland adds: “…each new and significant work is a unique formulation of experience; an experience that would be utterly lost if it were not captured and set down by the artists.”


from Music and Imagination (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 2951-1952) by Aaron Copland


2 days ago a friend of ours introduced me to Alice Herz-Sommer through a link:
and her biography: Alice’s Piano, The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer byMelissa Muller and Reinhard Piechocki
She is 108 years old, a survivor of Holocaust. She followed her mother’s advice:
“Practice the Chopin’s Etudes. They will save you.”…”Every day for a year, I knuckled down to this seemingly insufferable task and mastered all the twenty-four of them.”
Last night we watched an old movie, Empire of the Sun, a story of WW11 from the perspective of a 12 year old boy, Jamie, and his enduring survival attitude.
Inspiring stories.


The Lord is my shepherd

Death is inevitable and a mystery.

Today I attended a funeral service of one of our parishioners.  I was touched by the words spoken by the son and the pastor. One of the songs sang was: The Lord is My Shepherd (And I Want to Follow).

The Lord is My Shepherd (And I Want to Follow)

Verse 1

The Lord is my Shepherd, and I want to follow,
wherever he leads me, wherever he goes.
Over the mountains, the waters and by-ways,
valleys and highways he’s waiting for me.


I want to go to meet him there, to lay myself down in his love.
The Lord is my shepherd, and I want to follow,
wherever he leads me, wherever he goes.

Verse 2

And while on the journey to where we are going,
he promised to be there to help us along.
And over the mountains we’ll walk on together,
to know all the wonders he’s given to me


I looked up for the lyrics, music and vocals. Below are  links:






Listening is a talent

“The more I live the life the more I am convinced that it is the freely imaginative mind that is at the core of all vital music making and music listening…

Listening is a talent…two principal requisites for talented listening: first, the ability to open oneself up to musical experience; and secondly, the ability to evaluate critically that experience.
…for there are few pleasures in art greater than the secure sense that one can recognize batty when one comes upon it.”
…excerpts from Music and Imagination by Aaron Copland
While I’m writing these lines I’m listening at Scriabin’s music from the radio-TV: Music Choice-Light Classical.