The tide is flowing out the river

It’s 73 degrees and sunny

I greet a fisherman

Meet 2 pretty spaniels, King Charles spaniels

A runner with headphones 

passes me

A duck needs another duck

Connect yourself to a wider world

Transcendence is not achieved alone.

Today is similar to yesterday

It’s 75 degrees today

A plane cruises above positioning for landing

A bird flies skimming the water

As if testing its flying skills

As for me, watching and remembering.

Peripheral vision

A tree falls
My head aches

A hot air ballon rises up in the sky
A child crawls farther on the floor

The northern lights swirl and dance
A boy walks whistling a tune

Tomorrow forecast of rain
You plan to go hiking

Random thoughts that come in pairs
An elephant and giraffe stand side by side

A newborn baby and a new lullaby
You pass your driver’s test and celebrate

We join the walk for the blind
We walk holding hands

The camaraderie blossoms quickly
The fire burns feverishly

The rain lasts the whole day
They clean and paint the kayaks

Remember to write in your journal
The cicadas are gathering

Learn about the desert before you venture out
People die from ignorance.


I have been writing lately mainly about my walks
I’m not that old to know that nasturtiums are edible
The leaves are rich in vitamins and calcium
neglible bitterness which chard also possessed.

I like bitter melons and they are bitter
I don’t have to make it philosophical
like pain and rejections that acceptance makes us stronger

Sweat and scenery ride together each cajoling each other
like two friends ribbing and sometimes hurting each oher

When we were children ghosts made us cry and curious
We told our stories and we laughed.

We follow the bent of our mind with the best effort
without allowing any passing moment without uttering gratitude.

Without a car I am compelled to walk
Which begins as reluctance to accept
converts to a blessing and daily gratitude.


What are these flowers?

Part of the Riverfront walk. Cool and sunny. Nice cloud formations.


Inside Oxbow Public Market


Look for the white heron