You wonder

Nature can dazzle, sometimes becomes too absorbing

temperature can change while on the road

one moment in the nineties then dips into sixties

The sky darkens, hail as big as marbles starts falling, bombarding the car

your emotions show like a pre-determined consequence

you drive faster, the children suddenly quiet.

The sky brightens and back to nineties again

You explain to the children what’s happening

They start singing and laughing

You begin driving evenly, gentle on the curves

On the rest area you will stop and have a picnic.

When you look for pleasure you find meaning,

when you look for meaning you find understanding,

understanding can lead to renewal of the spirit.

And you wonder why labor pains always start at night.



“We can be educated by nature, becoming persons of broad vision and subtle values. In nature, we can find our place, our identity, and our affection. Nature invites us to discover the riches of our own souls rather than the power of the ego.” -Thomas Moore

weather forecast

The wind was gentler today.

5-hour electrical outage yesterday

fallen trees over roads, houses, cars

delayed traffic, hurried

meals in the austerity of candlelight.

Calamities coming in stages

but nature can be at its best

whispering to kite runners,

silent when hot air ballooners fly,

rapturous when surfers climb mountains.

Beauty comes like the night

two lovers meeting at twilight

vowing to love each other forever.

Tonight will be freezing

love is kind.