Yesterday Mrs. Abstract and I spent the New Year with our friends. We dined on Tuscan Bread Soup, lobster tails, French baguette and bubbly.we watched the movie, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared.The movie was funny and with ridiculous sequences of events that ended well. 

I wish always to reach the age of 100 just to experience what it feels like to be a hundred. With my cancer, though on remission, and my 4-coronary-artery heart bypass my chances of reaching 100 is slim. My goal every day is to remain healthy.

I’m reading coincidentally a book, The Hemlock Cup, Socrates, Athens and the Search for a Good Life.

I just finished reading an essay, A Meditation in a Toolshed, by C.S. Lewis. He explains that “One must look both along and at everything,” to know the truth.

plus one

January fourth
one tree with three birds plus one
my New Year walk to the river
the mist came and left, the sun warmed the meadow
we thought we will perform spoken word poetry
instead my friend and I danced intuitive dance of foolishness
another friend arrived, brought one French expression of relaxation:
a baguette, cheese , fruits and wine and a blanket

you were invited but you were faraway.

a new friend

A new year, new paths. Reality and beyond. Life is a trail taken and not taken, opportunities and regrets, self-discovery, nature and nurture and more.  Life is a mystery.

I’ll be studying philosophy (Introduction to), an eCourse, for 7 weeks starting January 28.
I have a new friend, a big stuffed monkey which I called Costa Rica, that I got from the white elephant on Christmas Eve. Costa Rica keeps me warm. Sort of Calvin and Hobbes.
(photo: Costa Rica in front of our Christmas tree)