A Wish


Be a guardian angel

A caravan may need you

Walking for days looking for answers

For a practical place for winter living.

Would you rather study

different calamities in the world?


To memorize details may not be necessary or a time lost.

If you walk a lot

You may arrive at odd places

Kindness is rare, start the day with gratitude.

The simplest way to change the world,

Restore glaciers and abundant forest

And slows down the wind.


The caravan will find the oasis

The nomads can walk forever.

“every word was once a poem”

Distant footsteps cradle my nights
I can “hear them from miles away.”
Reasonance that expands, singular tales
of a long journey. Nights with hours of felicity,
darkness stream with graciousness
and comfort my eyes, memory
of a nomadic caravan I glimpsed
once and heard, “each step stitched
the walking earth… a millennia of repetition,
a sound of sorrow and hope and loss
and desire: the sound of walking”
as if the fairies visit me to sleep.

note: The poem’s title is a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The other quotations are from the book, Walking With Abel, Journeys with Nomads of the African Savannah, by Anna Badkhen

Celebration: It’s the Sixth Year Anniversary of Collage of Life.


A Ylang-Ylang flower for you.

note: photo is from:

I don’t know if ylang-ylang grows in Vietnam.