Blind tasting

A pause from blind wine tasting
Then walking to an open amphitheater
Empty at the moment but with a promise
Live performance and an audience in two months
That’s how we look at time
Flowing, not always unbreakable, sometimes sidetracked
Returning back at the table, a new flight of wine
It’s harder to know the correct vintage and varietals
Noticing mixtures of tiny deviations
We are students of perfection eager
To extend the reach with misses and recoveries
Without showing true ignorance
We faintly know how to breakthrough
The boundaries and gain insights
To master the test of senses
A simple title of sommelier
Or it can be to master the erotic pantomime,
The courtship of the birds of paradise
We will all receive a slice of blueberry pie.

each day

what do you want for breakfast?
kiss and goodbye.

a goal and striving.
each day, a task
suffering and failure
define the parallel lines
living is geometry
hypothesis and proof
understanding, then, is a gift
ambition, strong, not enough
a work everyday
a search for vocabulary
like voices of laborers and refugees
what is life at the edges
a search to understand

each day is a task
a rehearsal
for the next day
a sequence
a reachable fluency
a step
to gaze at perfection
“I can’t go on.
I’ll go on.”

you live the challenges
each day, uncertainties
each day, perfection,
each day, an experience to explore
a grain of sand in the universe
with orchids and tears