January second

January second is not a day for regrets
But a time to have a clean sink and a clean soul
A time to climb the stairs
After walking from the far end where you parked
To stir your breath, to jolt your heart
And other sketches of a new life.
A starting point for self-improvement.

Don’t let others define yourself
Tell your story. They are your own.
You see them through your eyes.
Don’t let other write your narrative
You alone know the language.

You jotted down 2 days before
The commitment to improve yourself
Presented on a table of promises
To reconcile the contradictions,
To appease procrastination:
The aches and pain and bad weather
The jewels that appear randomly and hard to get rid off.

New narrative and promise,
New threads through the eye of a needle,
Lean and without extravagance.

It’s raining. Get the umbrella.
Today is the day to interrogate yourself.
What is an examined life?