Wet and Dry

Today was a very sad for our country. An “insurrection” breached the U.S. Capitol which was eventually repulsed.

We had a very good rain On Monday. Yesterday I walked to the river. It rained again today.

Last few weeks I watched chess tournaments on line. During the last a few days I started to play chess with a friend. 

I have a hard time writing poetry recently.

Music & Rain

The ascending music of Beethoven’s piano sonata number 21

Reaches the height of your admiration

Like driving alone at night in the rain

As if the sky opens up for you to be happy

All the hidden stars twinkling for you

Happy New Year’s Eve

Note: The rain came last night. Today is New Year’s Eve

Unlike any other day

The day is raining and windy

I’m walking, holding an umbrella over my head

I’m arguing gainst my thoughts

I think of Hamlet,restless, talking to himself

the ghost and skull behind him 


She says she will not be home when I arrive

The day is swiftly gathering darkness

And I’m trying to understand how 

an umbrella breaks in a day like today.